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People regularly tell us they miss announcements that used to be in the local newspaper, so we are introducing them to the Northern Beaches Advocate.

Social media announcements often miss the mark, are temporary, and cannot be found by search engines. So we have dedicated a section of our website for announcements, with benefits not available elsewhere.

Your announcement will be published on the Northern Beaches Advocate for at least one year. It will be visible to search engines, meaning anyone searching the internet will find it, not just people searching on our website.

What does it cost?

$150.00 (including GST) per announcement.

How does it work?

Each announcement can include one photo and up to 300 words. Fill in the online form below, with the details of the announcement you want us to publish. Once we have reviewed the submission and payment is made, it will be published.

What announcements can be made?

  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Employment
  • Public Notices

If you are not sure which category to choose, select Public Notices.

What will it look like?

We have included an example of a wedding announcement.

The photo you provide will appear as the main image in a landscape format. If you cannot upload a suitable photo, we will select a themed image for you.

The text of your announcement will appear below the main image. Please limit your announcement to 300 words.

Wedding announcement example

Make an anouncement

Fill in the form below with your announcement, a photo is optional.

Suggestions on what to include


The name, gender and measurements of the baby. The names of parents, sibings and grandparents. The date, time and place of birth.


The name, age and place of residence of the deceased. Spouse, children and other family information. Pertinent information about the person (such as awards, legacies, occupation, voluntary service). Details of funeral service.


The names and places of residence of the engaged couple and the proposed date of the wedding (if known). Parents and other family of the bride and groom. How the couple met. Details of any celebration, and/or words of congratulation.


Names of the married couple and their location of residence. The names of the married couple’s parents. Date and location of the wedding. Location of the honeymoon. Planned location of residence after marriage. How the couple met and any information about the wedding.


Date of the anniversary and the people involved. Information about the significance of the date. Information about planned events to mark the date. Reunions can also be announced via anniversaries.


Name, age and location of residence of the graduate. Educational institution attended. Information about the attainment, including area of study and level of attainment.


Company, location and position of employment. Job description and remuneration details. Contact details for employer.

Public Notices

Public Notices can include information that must be put on public display for legal reasons, lost and found, or any other general public notice.