Book Launch – The Inverted Banyan Tree

Enjoy Hi-Tea in India whilst on a Tiger hunt in Malaya.

Date: Saturday 22nd June from 2.45pm
Location: Masala Kitchen, The Strand, Dee Why

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About this event

For $35 the Event includes –

  • Admission
  • Hi- Masala Tea
  • 1 free copy of The Inverted Banyan Tree
  • Author talk
  • Book Signing

A percentage of the ticket sales will go to relocation of Gaza refugees in Australia.

The Inverted Banyan Tree (Synopsis)


The Malay worldview – precious and inestimable – is under threat in the face of 20th century globalisation and greed.

Tiger Sanctuary, Port Dickson, is sacred ancestral land to the devout Muslim fishermen.

Two Spirit Guardians, the headman, Ummah Ibrahim, and GrandSire Long Claws – a white Sumatran tiger, keep the peace of a larger multi-racial community.

Ummah Ibrahim is called to witness Allah’s compassion to all mankind.

But this idyllic haven is poised for pillage. History – with exploitation from I6th century European invasions and the Japanese occupation in WWII – has come full circle.

Malaya’s own avaricious sons lust for her bountiful wealth.

As the strings of political intrigue and fanaticism are pulled, Islam is hijacked. Tiger Sanctuary, pure and lovely, is stained red…

“The very strength of this novel is the audacious use of cultural appropriation. Satirised in magical realism, living history and memory are remodelled according to the paradigm of postmodernist construct, reminding me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.” JOHAN JAAFAR, THE STAR NEWSPAPER


14:45: Guests arrive

15:00 – 15:45: Indian Masala Hi-Tea

15:45 – 16:15: Interview with author JK Asher by Oscar Mussons

JK Asher is an author of Malaysian Indian origin and Oscar Mussons is a Lawyer (International Law) who has worked with Asylum seekers Australia.

JK Asher believes that 2024 has heralded an unprecedented existential crisis. Post Covid with the subsequent violence in Ukraine and the Middle East has resulted in global trauma and hopelessness. This has directly affected the rise in youth suicide and people are desperate for peace.

Governments are compromised by greed and land grabs whilst Religion no longer brings comfort. Asher expounds a THIRD WAY through war and dehumanisation to peace and healing. It will take all the courage of the individual to put aside their golden calfs to chose love and mercy.

Her novel The Inverted Banyan Tree is that journey.

The current political and religious turmoil in the Middle East and the never ending war between Palestine and Israel has been the inspiration for her novel.

Asher lives in Sydney with her husband and children. She has worked with the Rohingya refugees in both countries and is a volunteer with the Asylum Seekers Centre in Sydney.

This is her first published novel.

16:15 – 16:30: Question & Answers

16:30 – 16:40: Guest of Honour – Susan Wahhab

Susan Wahhab is President of the Palestinian Christians in Australia. Born in Jerusalem she is instrumental in rehousing refuges from Palestine and helping them to build a life out of everything that has been lost in the fires. A cheque will be presented to Susan Wahhab to support her efforts.

16:45 – 17:30: Book Signing

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