A full-service cancer facility has opened its doors at Frenchs Forest.

The Northern Beaches continues to attract medical facilities with the new $35m GenesisCare centre at Frenchs Forest officially opening its doors last Friday (12 April). With Mackellar MP and General Practitioner (GP) Dr Sophie Scamps in attendance, the new centre significantly expands on services previously offered at another facility nearby.

“People on the Northern Beaches are extremely fortunate to have such a specialised centre with advanced technologies all under the one roof.

“But also as a GP, I also understand how equally important are those allied health care services as well, the psychology services, how important is that people feel that they are supported and manage their depression and their anxiety as they go on this journey,” said Dr Scamps (image below).

GenesisCare centre at Frenchs Forest official opening

“I know as a GP, one of the difficulties I had was helping patients access all these different aspects of their care without having to travel distances in different directions.

“They are extremely fortunate to be able to access this multidisciplinary care under the one roof at a time when they’re at their most exhausted, at their most challenged, it makes an incredible difference.

“It’s wonderful to have the absolute expertise and the specialists, and this being a centre of excellence as well. On the Northern Beaches, we congratulate you at GenesisCare on what you’ve achieved here in Frenchs Forest. The outcomes for patients in this region will be improved in the years to come,” said Dr Scamps.

GenesisCare centre at Frenchs Forest official opening

The newly constructed four-storey facility at Building 9, 49 Frenchs Forest Road East, Frenchs Forest, is a ‘one-stop’ cancer centre that can cater to a full range of non-operative care including; radiation therapy, chemotherapy, haematology, and immunotherapy.

Pathology services operated by NSW Health Pathology are available and diagnostic imaging equipment is also being installed. Patients who require surgery will still need to be admitted to hospital.

GenesisCare centre at Frenchs Forest official opening

GenesisCare Frenchs Forest Head of Department and Medical Oncologist Associate Professor Connie Diakos (image above) said around 1,700 people were diagnosed with cancer on the Northern Beaches in 2021, a number that was projected to increase.

“This marks one of the final milestones in our journey towards offering integrated and accessible cancer care to the Northern Beaches community.

“We are now able to expand our services to make it easier for our patients to access integrated services that they need closer to home. What sets our Centre apart is it brings together multiple oncology services under the one roof.

“This is the only location in the Northern Beaches where patients can access radiation oncology, medical oncology, haematology, and other oncology services seamlessly at the same site.

“This integration is not just about convenience, it’s also about enhancing the patient experience, and allows our patients to receive care tailored to their individual needs,” said Assoc Prof Diakos.

GenesisCare centre at Frenchs Forest official opening

Northern Beaches Mayor Sue Heins (image above) also welcomed the addition of the new cancer facility.

“Sadly, we all know somebody who has been impacted by cancer. This $35m centre will provide comprehensive cancer care all within the same centre. I can’t express how much we need a place like this.

“Once people know that everything can be under one roof, what a difference this will make to our community. I have driven my partner and other people in our community to their cancer appointments, across many bridges.

“Just being that cancer buddy or caring partner, it is always a very anxious time of making sure that all appointments are being kept up. Having a place locally, will cut down that driving and parking, which is always an issue when you’re driving to various hospitals across Sydney.

“Thank you GenesisCare, who chose the beaches to bring this significant investment, and expanding the services. Also Connie [Diakos], knowing that your services have been here, but are now expanding to be more comprehensive. It’s wonderful to know that we already have such caring professionals in our community who now can look after their community in their community,” said Mayor Heins.

GenesisCare centre at Frenchs Forest official opening

Offering access to treatment for most adult cancer types, GenesisCare operates cancer treatment centres in four countries — Australia, United Kingdom, Spain and the United States of America. With the opening of the Frenchs Forest facility, managed by Centre Leader Kerryn Miller (image above), there are now 49 GenesisCare centres in Australia, with 12 in NSW.

Initially offering only radiation therapy, it has recently expanded its integrated cancer treatment services, with Frenchs Forest representing the second newest comprehensive centre in NSW in addition to Campbelltown. According to GenesisCare General Manager of NSW Richard Briggs, the Frenchs Forest building ‘will provide capacity to deliver around 14,000 treatments to patients annually.’

For more information visit the GenesisCare website.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate, GenesisCare

Editorial note: The ribbon cutting ceremony (main image, L-R): GenesisCare General Manager of NSW Richard Briggs, Northern Beaches Mayor Sue Heins, GenesisCare Frenchs Forest Head of Department and Medical Oncologist Associate Professor Connie Diakos, Mackellar MP Dr Sophie Scamps, and Forest Ward Councillor Jose Menano-Pires.

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