After a temporary opening for the Christmas holiday, Mona Vale Road East has been opened in time for Easter.

Although the road surface appears to have been completed for some time, and the stretch between Foley Street and Samuel Street, Mona Vale, has remained open, only one lane has been open in each direction between Samuel Street, Mona Vale, and Lane Cove Road, Ingleside, since Christmas.

Earlier this week, Pittwater MP Rory Amon said he was told that by Easter, the road would have both lanes open, in both directions. The Northern Beaches Advocate drove along the road at exactly 5.00pm yesterday (Thursday, 28 March), and found both eastern lanes open, with road crews progressing along the western lanes, moving construction barriers to open both lanes (main image).

Mona Vale Road, Ingleside

A spokesperson for Transport for NSW (TfNSW) indicated this reopening of the road would be permanent (image above).

“We’re excited to be opening the Mona Vale Road East upgrade to traffic in time for Easter.

“As a steep road corridor often used by heavy vehicles, the move to two lanes in each direction on this part of Mona Vale Road gives drivers safer opportunities to overtake.

“This vital road corridor upgrade will improve journeys for thousands of motorists each day in this part of northern Sydney,” said the TfNSW spokesperson.

The road will remain at 60 km/h for the next few weeks, and TfNSW have warned that further speed restrictions may apply as final works are carried out along the 3.2km section of upgraded roadway. It is anticipated the speed limit will increase to 70 km/h after that.

The new section of road includes improved road barriers on a fully separated dual carriageway and a truck arrestor bed, the need for which was highlighted numerous times during construction with truck crashes on that section of road (images above).

Liberal Leader Mark Speakman at Mona Vale Road

The completed improvements, while welcome, have also drawn attention to the withdrawal of funding from the western section of the upgrade. NSW Liberal Leader Mark Speakman (image above) visited the western section of the project, which was cancelled by the NSW Government.

“This seems to be the same old Labor, cancelling projects is part of Labor’s DNA. We saw the last 16 years of a Labour Government had project after project cancelled, or not started.

“This project is not just about reducing congestion, it’s also an important safety measure as well. It’s extraordinarily disappointing that Labor would cancel it.

“Rory [Amon] has been championing this upgrade enormously, and I’m encouraging him to take the fight to the Labor Government. This is something that the people of Pittwater and the Northern Beaches deserve. It’s not just a congestion issue, it’s a safety issue as well, and it’s just reckless the Labor Government would cancel it,” said Mr Speakman in November 2023.

Liberal Leader Mark Speakman at Mona Vale Road

Standing with Mr Speakman in November at the eastern section of roadway that was then expected to open by Christmas, Mr Amon (image above, right) expressed his concern at the withdrawal of funding allocated to complete the western half of the project.

“People have no understanding as to why you’d cancel such an important project. Lives are being put at risk, and lives are being lost. Every day, it just gets riskier and riskier. It’s literally like building half a bridge, it just makes no sense.

“It is incredibly dangerous, and people are absolutely outraged by what is going on here. There is no plan to deliver it, at all, from the government,” said Mr Amon in November.

Rory Amon speaking in NSW Parliament

Mr Amon subsequently launched a public petition to reinstate the funding for the western half of Mona Vale Road, and demanded a safety audit be conducted on the ‘dangerous’ condition of the current section of road there. To date, over 15,500 people have signed the petition.

NSW Premier Chris Minns had already declared the project unnecessary and of lower priority than other road projects in Sydney, but Mr Amon’s call for a safety audit was rejected by NSW Roads Minister John Graham.

Four injured at black spot

This refusal by the Minister for a safety audit was despite ongoing serious collisions on the road, including only weeks prior, when four people were seriously injured in a collision with a garbage truck.

“Every injury and life lost on Mona Vale Road West from here on lays at the feet of Chris Minns and his Government. I am again calling on the Government to urgently undertake a safety audit of Mona Vale Road West and implement its recommendations immediately,” said Mr Amon in January.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate, Ingleside Rural Fire Brigade

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