A man was taken to hospital after falling from his bike at Belrose yesterday.

Just after 11.30am yesterday morning (Wednesday, 31 January), emergency services, including NSW Ambulance, NSW Police, and Fire and Rescue NSW, responded to a report of a man injured after falling from his mountain bike at Bare Creek Bike Park.

Based on reports the man had landed head first after falling from a height of approximately three metres (3m), three NSW Ambulance crews responded to the bike park at Crozier Road, Belrose, including NSW Ambulance Inspector Christine Ashman.

NSW Ambulance arrived on scene to find the 42-year-old man was able to walk and had been assisted back to the car park by other riders. With access to the patient no longer an issue, assistance from officers attached to Northern Beaches Police Area Command and firefighters from Narrabeen Station was called off.

Paramedics assessed the injured rider at the scene for injuries to the right side of his face, blurred vision in his right eye, a fractured left wrist and abrasions to his left knee.

While stabilising the man’s condition and administering pain relief, they also found he was unable to remember the fall. He was placed into an ambulance and taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition just after midday.

Bare Creek Bike Park at Belrose

A world-class mountain bike facility built on six-hectares (6ha), Bare Creek Bike Park opened in December 2020 and is open daily from 7.00am to 7.00pm. It has a number of courses with different difficulty levels, with more experienced riders generally tackling those with harder ratings.

While injuries at the park are not uncommon, all riders are warned and accept they are using the course at their own risk and must self-assess their capability for the courses they choose to ride. Even the most seasoned riders may find themselves in difficulty from time to time.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate (file), Wesley Lonergan (file)

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