Two filmmakers from Newport now have an award-winning video for Ed Sheeran under their belt.

Creative duo Michael Grocholsky and Rodrigo Badoino (main image, L-R) are the driving force behind Leche Productions, a Newport based video production company.

Sitting down over a coffee with the Northern Beaches Advocate at the Newport Bowling Club, they explained how they recently helped Director Chris Elder produce a new fan created music video for Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Amazing’, with 29-year-old Rodrigo editing the footage live on set.

“Chris [Elder] won a competition to get the music video made, and he got us on board. I came on in pre-production because of the timeline.

“I was editing live on set. A shot would come in, and I’d immediately put it into the timeline. Then we’d wrap for the day and I’d say, ‘This is what we made,’ and everyone could have a look. That was a fun experience,” said Rodrigo.

Michael Grocholsky

The busy pair are bursting with artistic energy, and 36-year-old Michael (image above) says they have two major projects they are working on getting into production.

The first project is a TV series called ‘Ambos for Hire’ (teaser trailer below), which is based in a dystopian near-future where the ambulance service has been privatised and sold to a technology company which turns it into an app.

The other project is a feature film called ‘Dinner at Seven’. The screenplay, written by Rodrigo (image below), focuses on a soon-to-be-married couple who take their best man and maid of honour to dinner before the wedding, and chaos ensues.

Rodrigo Badoino

Their Newport-based company Leche Productions does commercial work for clients, many of whom are local businesses, looking for assistance to create and tell a ‘branded content’ story in video for social media, or broadcast.

They created a fan documentary of the recent Manchester United tour of Australia, which led to them being picked up by Manchester United Football Club to create content for a documentary the club was filming.

Rodrigo Badoino and Michael Grocholsky

Their first foray into self-produced content is a hilarious YouTube series called ‘Shambleton’ (trailer below), which they are producing as a series of fortnightly webisodes.

“We asked ourselves how we could make something cheaply, that we could just do? We transformed our house into a set and started a YouTube channel.

“Every week we wanted to make something. We shot the first episode on New Year’s Eve 2022, coming into 2023, and went all the way through until November.

“We may pick it up again for fun in the future, and do a special episode with friends just for fun. But apart from that, it’s full steam ahead on the TV pilot, the feature film and running our business,” said Michael.

The pair are keen to explore how the Northern Beaches can feature more in their work. Michael says areas like the Brookvale Arts District (BAD) offer some exciting opportunities.

“I’ve always thought that it was absurd, why a lot of filming happens in an area in Sydney where there’s so much traffic and airplane noise.

“I don’t understand why we’re competing with that, where you go half an hour up the road, and there’s so much more space. There’s so much more access to locations that are easy to get to. ‘Home and Away’ know it, nobody else seems to understand,” said Michael.

In addition to telling their own stories, Rodrigo said they are keen to help other people tell their stories too.

“We hit the pavement last week. We made little menus, in the shape of a pub menu. We’ve just gone around to different businesses in Newport, Mona Vale and Avalon and talking to the owners about their needs.

“We have corporate clients, but it makes no sense to continue to have those and not talk to local businesses around here.

“It’s part of being in the community, I love this so much, going around and talking to real estate agents, finance, cafĂ© owners, restaurant owners, fitness businesses. We want to give them the same service that we do for our own creativity,” shared Rodrigo.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate
Videos: Leche Productions

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