NSW Liberal Leader Mark Speakman has called for the Mona Vale Road upgrade to be reinstated.

Visiting the Pittwater electorate last Thursday (16 November), Leader of the Opposition Mark Speakman (main image, left) went to Mona Vale Road with Pittwater MP Rory Amon (main image, right).

At the now cancelled $340m western section of the upgrade, Mr Speakman was shocked at the volume of overall traffic, and the number and type of heavy vehicles that were using the road.

“This seems to be the same old Labor, cancelling projects is part of Labor’s DNA. We saw the last 16 years of a Labour Government had project after project cancelled, or not started,” said Mr Speakman.

Liberal Leader Mark Speakman at Mona Vale Road

“This project is not just about reducing congestion, it’s also an important safety measure as well. It’s extraordinarily disappointing that Labor would cancel it. I’m standing here at 10.15am and it is non-stop traffic. I’d hate to see what it’s like at peak hour.

“Rory [Amon] has been championing this upgrade enormously, and I’m encouraging him to take the fight to the Labor Government. This is something that the people of Pittwater and the Northern Beaches deserve. It’s not just a congestion issue, it’s a safety issue as well, and it’s just reckless the Labor Government would cancel it,” declared Mr Speakman.

Mr Speakman, whose electorate is in the Sutherland Shire, also came to see the progress of the eastern section of road upgrade that was commenced under the previous government.

“I was privileged to be part of a Liberal Government that has delivered a $250m upgrade to this part of Mona Vale Road, and it’s nearly complete. This is part of the record investment in infrastructure that the Liberals put into the Pittwater electorate and right across NSW,” said Mr Speakman.

Liberal Leader Mark Speakman at Mona Vale Road

Mr Amon announced the eastern section of the Mona Vale Road upgrade would be opened by this Christmas, but expressed his disappointment at the withdrawal of funding for the western section of the upgrade.

“People have no understanding as to why you’d cancel such an important project. Lives are being put at risk, and lives are being lost. Every day, it just gets riskier and riskier. It’s literally like building half a bridge, it just makes no sense.

“It is incredibly dangerous, and people are absolutely outraged by what is going on here. There is no plan to deliver it, at all, from the government,” said Mr Amon.

Liberal Leader Mark Speakman meets community members with Pittwater MP Rory Amon

Mr Amon said his office at Pittwater Road, Mona Vale, had been ‘inundated’ by people angry over the cancellation, and the response to his petition to have the project reinstated had been overwhelming.

“We’ve been inundated. So far, we’ve got over 12,000 signatures, which is extraordinary for a local issue. Usually, you would get a couple of thousand on a contentious issue.

“The level of community anger about this cancellation is something I’ve never seen before in my years on [Northern Beaches] Council and in the State Parliament. The community are angry,” said Mr Amon.

Mr Amon’s petition for the widening of Mona Vale Road West is still open. Mr Speakman urged all users of Mona Vale Road, not just those in Pittwater, to sign the petition to demonstrate how important the road was to the community.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate

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