MP says the NSW Government disliked the Beaches Link Tunnel so much they cancelled it twice.

The claim from Pittwater MP Rory Amon follows a statement from the NSW Government on Friday (08 September) that the Beaches Link Tunnel would not proceed.

“The NSW Government confirmed the decision to cancel the Beaches Link tunnel linking Sydney’s northern beaches to the city’s north. Transport for NSW will write to the Department of Planning and Environment to withdraw its State Significant Infrastructure Application for this project.

“Work will continue on the Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway upgrade. Transport will continue to carry out a road network review to assess what, if any, network improvements may be required in northern Sydney and other impacted areas to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable road network for motorists,” said the NSW Government statement.

Northern Beaches Link Tunnel

The news of Friday’s cancellation was widely reported, including in an interview by Nine news with NSW Roads Minister John Graham (see video below).

The Beaches Link section of the mega-project had already been put on hold by the previous Coalition government after it was determined that costs were escalating due to an overheated market, with governments competing for major project resources.

Pittwater MP Rory Amon said the incoming Labor government had already cancelled the Beaches Link project, referring to a statement by NSW Roads Minister John Graham in the NSW Parliament on 23 May, 2023.

“Well before the election we promised the people of NSW that we will not proceed with the Beaches Link project, and we tried to be up-front with the community about the projects we would not proceed with.

“We want to keep building, but we were clear with the community that this was one project we would not build, and we have delivered on that commitment. New property acquisition and development have ceased,” Minister Graham told Parliament.

Rory Amon speaking in NSW Parliament

Mr Amon issued a press release in early June, pointing to confirmation the project had been quietly cancelled by a departmental notice.

“Labor has taken the coward’s way out, dumping the project by a discrete departmental notice, displaying a complete lack of respect for Pittwater and the Northern Beaches,” said Mr Amon in his June media release.

The Northern Beaches Advocate has seen correspondence between Mr Amon and Minister Graham. Mr Amon wrote to Minister Graham on 11 July asking him to reconsider the decision to cancel the Beaches Link Tunnel. Mr Graham wrote back to Mr Amon on 22 August, leaving no doubt as to the status of the project.

“In line with the NSW Government’s commitments, the Beaches Link motorway project is cancelled,” responded Minister Graham.

Rory Amon speaking in NSW Parliament

Mr Amon reacted to the latest cancellation notice, accusing the Minns Government of using the Northern Beaches as a soft target, with no electoral consequence for cancelling projects.

“The Labor government is obsessed with ripping vital projects and infrastructure away from Pittwater and the Northern Beaches.

“So much so, they’re cancelling Beaches Link twice. First in June and, in case we missed the memo, again in September,” said Mr Amon yesterday.

The furore over the double-cancellation comes in the wake of other concerns Mr Amon has raised over the completion of the Mona Vale Road project. Those concerns were verified after it was revealed the next phase of the project was under review.

Watch the announcement of the Beaches Link cancellation from Nine News on Friday evening, 08 September.

Images: Transport for NSW, Northern Beaches Advocate
Video: Channel Nine

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