A young couple leapt out of a hire car that caught fire at Balgowlah Heights.

Shortly after 11.00am this morning (Thursday, 25 May), a young couple in their 20s were driving a GoGet share car to visit Manly. They had picked the car up from Glebe, and had crossed the Spit Bridge when they thought they smelled a BBQ.

As they turned into Balgowlah Heights, to make their way to the Spit to Manly walk, smoke started coming through the vents of the vehicle and they pulled over at Beatrice Street, Balgowlah Heights.

Car fire at Balgowlah Heights

With smoke continuing to come through the vents into the interior of the vehicle, the male driver and his female passenger removed their belongings and called GoGet and Triple Zero (000) to report the car catching alight.

According to one of the occupants, after they pulled the car over to the side of the road, they lifted the bonnet to investigate and saw fire in the engine bay (video below).

When firefighters from Manly Station arrived on scene at Beatrice Street, they reported the car was fully engulfed in flames (main image). They used a hose line connected to a street hydrant to put water onto the car, which was extinguished shortly after.

A response team from GoGet arrived at the incident scene, taking custody of the vehicle which had been completely destroyed by the fire, just before midday.

Car fire at Balgowlah Heights

Despite having lost the vehicle they were travelling in to the fire, the young couple said that once the emergency was over, they managed to complete the walk they had been planning.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

Images: Supplied, Luke Gavahan
Video: Supplied

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