A political sketch comedy playing at Glen Street Theatre offers equal opportunity evisceration.

‘The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese’ is a satirical political stage production from veteran comedy writers Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott. Well-known for their searing comedic wit, their latest production is an up-to-date take-down of contemporary Australian politics.

The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese

Playing for the next two weeks at Glen Street Theatre, Belrose, the short run opened last night (Tuesday, 21 March) to a full house of almost 400 theatregoers, including Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee and Davidson MP Jonathan O’Dea. The well-crafted and well-paced show is a series of vignettes, largely political sketch comedy, but also with some thoughtful interludes.

Glen Street Theatre

Those concerned the NSW Election may result in political over-saturation can relax somewhat, as the focus is strictly at a national (and international) level, with old favourites such as Julia Gillard, Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd joining current politicians for a roasting.

The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese

Though sharp, insightful and keenly witty, the production does require a politically engaged audience. Most of the jokes require a knowledge of Australian, and a small dash of American, political issues and history to resonate fully.

Those who do not follow politics may find themselves not sharing the laughter with those around them. For those who have even a moderate understanding of politics however, the production has plenty to recommend it and is thoroughly enjoyable.

The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese

The four cast members — Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe, Mandy Bishop and Phillip Scott — seamlessly rotate the roles between them, including swapping genders at times. Mandy Bishop playing Anthony Albanese as an Alice in Wonderland character is wonderful, as is Drew Forsythe’s mesmerising portrayal of Pauline Hanson.

The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese

Everyone comes in for a serve, be it The Greens in a Wiggles segment, or Bob ‘mad as a’ Katter, even King Charles comes in for a mild roasting. One stand out sketch is Mandy Bishop’s portrayal of Finance Minister Katy Gallagher performing slam poetry.

The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese

The Wharf Revue: Looking for Albanese is currently on a national tour and has a limited run at Glen Street Theatre, Belrose, until Sunday, 02 April. Running 90 minutes without an interval, the production is a satisfying experience.

That is if you can get a ticket. The Glen Street Theatre website is currently showing fewer than 20 tickets available for most remaining sessions, according to the booking system at the time of writing. As the promoters would say, but in this case is true, book fast or miss out.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate, Vishal Pandey

Editorial note: A complimentary ticket was provided by Glen Street Theatre for the purpose of this review.

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