The NSW Government has added another $2m in funding to a grants program for boating facilities.

The new funding will be available for maintenance and repair projects on existing assets such as wharves, boat ramps, storage, refuelling and sewer pump out.

Sixteen projects in the Northern Beaches have received funding from the Boating Now program so far, including:

  • Mackerel Beach Wharf design $70,657
  • Currawong Wharf design $82,500
  • Paradise Beach dinghy storage $37,141
  • Paradise Beach wharf design $20,655
  • Scotland Island Bells Wharf upgrade $351,635
  • Scotland Island Carols Wharf upgrade $641,053
  • Church Point Commuter Wharf expansion $580,000 (image below)
  • Rowland Reserve boat ramp upgrade $570,742 (main image)
  • Narrabeen Lagoon dinghy storage $30,000
  • Narrabeen Lagoon ramp upgrade $60,000
  • Jamieson Park boat storage $15,000
  • North Harbour walkway $431,408
  • Forty Baskets jetty $156,241
  • Little Manly ramp upgrade $150,000
  • Little Manly storage upgrade $50,000
  • Seaforth jetty lighting $4,787
Church Point commuter wharf

NSW Minister for Transport David Elliott said the additional $2m was allocated to help infrastructure owners such as marinas and Northern Beaches Council fund maintenance works.

David Elliott

David Elliott

“NSW boasts some of the best waterways in the world which are not only enjoyed by recreational water users but vital for local tourist operators and commercial vessels, therefore it is important to ensure boating communities have easy access to modern maritime facilities.

“We understand the challenges of maintaining boating facilities and recognise that repairs can be costly for asset owners and managers.

“We’ve listened to feedback from boating stakeholders and as a result we’ve made up to $2m available as part of Round Four of the Boating Now Program to help owners return boating assets to their optimal operational condition,” said Minister Elliott.

The Boating Now grants program has seen $28m spent on upgrades of public boating facilities in areas of strategic priority, with the Lower Hawkesbury River, Pittwater and Brisbane Water identified in the NSW Maritime Infrastructure Plan.

The area as a whole has received almost $5m in facilities upgrade funding, with the Northern Beaches getting almost $3.3m of that, over ten percent of total funding for NSW.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate

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