Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC) has officially reopened following a $1.25m refurbishment.

Around 50 people gathered at Queenscliff SLSC this morning (Wednesday, 01 June) to celebrate the reopening, hosted by surf club President Garry Fox and attended by a number of dignitaries, including Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan and Surf Life Saving NSW (SLSNSW) CEO Steven Pearce.

Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club refurbishment

Queenscliff SLSC, which has over 1,300 members, has been refurbished with a range of upgraded facilities including:

  • a new level for a community hall, with new kitchen facilities
  • a renewed club room and bar
  • a new office and kitchenette
  • a new lift and stairs
  • additional storage and club facilities
  • new windows, doors and roller shutters
  • solar hot water and LED lighting
  • an upgraded fire safety system
  • new flooring and fresh paint throughout the entire interior and exterior
Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club new bar

Mayor Michael Regan thanked those who had played a role in planning and delivering the improvements to a much-needed community hub, including the NSW Government which contributed grant funding toward the refurbishment. Manly MP James Griffin and NSW Sports Minister Stuart Ayers were unable to attend the reopening, with parliamentary commitments.

Michael Regan

Michael Regan

“It was a pleasure to work with you guys to get this done, and push to make this happen. The improvements help meet the club’s needs to make sure its 1,300 members and lifeguards can contribute to keeping our community safe, which is fantastic.

“This project is a great example of what can be achieved when the community, local club and all levels of government work together. On that note, a special thank you to our federal and state governments for their financial contributions to making this project possible,” praised Mayor Regan.

Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club room

SLSNSW CEO Steven Pearce said the upgrade of Queenscliff SLSC was important to support the community work of surf lifesavers.

Steven Pearce

Steven Pearce

“We have 21 surf clubs on the Northern Beaches. It’s the greatest cluster of surf clubs in NSW. It’s the largest branch within NSW and holds the largest amount of volunteers and members. We really require a supportive council for our lifesavers and our surf clubs.

“This just represents one of the new modern facilities going up. It’s not just a surf club, it’s a community hub. We’re not just lifesavers, we’re also an emergency service. We also proudly build great Australians with our nippers and our young lifesavers coming through.

“In times of need, particularly with natural disasters, our lifesavers turn away from the water and face back into the community to respond. This will stand as a hub for the communities to come for comfort, and also for protection moving forward,” said Mr Pearce.

Michael Regan, Garry Fox and Steven Pearce

Queenscliff SLSC President Garry Fox took the honour of officially reopening the club, saying the building would serve the needs of the community.

Garry Fox

Garry Fox

“There was a vision a decade ago and a master plan developed, and we see its fruition here today. We needed accessible toilets, a lift, we needed a dedicated modern gym. We needed a lot more storage for our equipment and also some function facilities.

“The new facilities provide us fantastic areas to run education and training. These courses are critical to us in terms of developing our young lifesavers for the future. It’s an opportunity for us to give our young cadets their own space for them to get together. The clubhouse is now seen as a place where people want to gather, share their stories, have a laugh, and have fun.

“I want to acknowledge that the [Northern Beaches] Council provided a significant portion of the funding. Without those grants and that support, we wouldn’t have what’s here today. It demonstrates the support that the Council provides for surf life saving here on the Northern Beaches,” said Mr Fox.

The refurbishment of Queenscliff SLSC at Manly Beach, founded in 1924, is one of three major surf club projects, with rebuilds of Mona Vale and Long Reef also underway. The new Surf Club at Mona Vale is also due to open this week.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate, Northern Beaches Council

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