Independent candidates have joined forces to announce a commitment to electric vehicles.

Federal Member for Warringah Zali Steggall OAM was joined last Thursday (28 April) at McMahons Point by Electric Vehicle Council CEO Behyad Jafari along with Independent candidates for North Sydney and Mackellar, Kylea Tink and Dr Sophie Scamps, to call for federal policies to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and cut emissions from the transport sector.

Officially launching her electric-powered campaign bus, Zali Steggall called for a minimum 76 percent target of new vehicle sales to be electric by 2030. The plan to achieve this target involves tax incentives, direct investment in charging networks and improved emissions and fuel standards. The goal is for all new vehicle sales being electric by 2035.

Zali Steggall

Zali Steggall

“While the Morrison-Joyce Government is taking Australia on a road trip to nowhere on climate action, arguing about whether they really are committed to net zero by 2050, Independents provide the only realistic chance to drive climate action. The decades of denial, delay and division have held us back. It’s time for clear policies that deliver real emissions reduction.

“With transport accounting for nearly 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, the fastest growing sector, and road transport accounting for 80 percent of those emissions, it’s time to take our foot off the brake and introduce policies at the federal government level to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles,” said Ms Steggall.

Independent candidate for Mackellar Dr Sophie Scamps also revealed her climate change plan at the event.

Sophie Scamps

Sophie Scamps

“The Morrison Government has not taken climate action seriously. It took advocacy, hard work and pressure from Independent MP Zali Steggall for the government to finally commit to net zero by 2050. But this isn’t enough. Our net zero target must also be legislated to provide long-term investment and policy security and ensure any future government cannot walk back from Australia’s commitment.

“While the Morrison Government convinced a court they had no duty of care to protect future generations from climate change, I decided to leave the job I love as a local GP, to fight for greater climate action. I did this because I feel that as a doctor, I have a responsibility to ensure the children of Australia have a healthy, safe and prosperous future.

“We are at a tipping point in our fight against climate change. This Government has wasted almost a decade and Australia risks being left behind when we have the potential to become a renewable energy superpower. But the good news is that if we act now, we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change, protect our economy and lead the world in the clean energy era,” said Dr Scamps.

The seven-point plan is:

  1. Legislating Australia’s 2050 net zero target and setting a minimum 50 percent emission reduction target by 2030
  2. Supporting Australia’s electricity market regulator to deliver 80-94 percent renewable energy by 2030
  3. Making Australia a renewable energy superpower with policies that support new jobs and industries in the global cleantech and energy boom
  4. Making electric vehicles accessible to everyday Australians
  5. Developing risk assessment and long-term adaptation strategies to protect our infrastructure, supply chains and communities from the impacts of climate change
  6. Protecting and investing in Australia’s natural environment to regenerate our nation
  7. Protecting Australians from the health impacts of climate change

Images: Zali Steggall OAM MP

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