An elderly woman has made a lucky escape when her car went off a steep embankment at Newport.

Just after 5.45pm yesterday evening (Wednesday, 27 April) emergency services were called to a report of a motor vehicle accident at Hillside Road, Newport.

Firefighters from Mona Vale Station were the first on scene. Making their way up the extremely narrow road, they could not initially see a vehicle accident, with the vehicle obscured from view over the edge of the roadway.

Firefighters secure car with winch

They located the vehicle nose first, at least 3m down a steep embankment, with a sole occupant, an 82-year-old female driver, trapped behind the wheel. The car, a white Honda sedan, had become lodged in a garden bed but was unstable, with its precarious position presenting a further risk to safety.

With additional Fire and Rescue NSW crews arriving at the scene from Avalon and Narrabeen Stations, along with NSW Police, NSW Ambulance paramedics and an Inspector, the woman remained confined inside her vehicle until firefighters secured it using a Tirfor winch system and set up appropriate fire protection.

Car down embankment secured with winch

With the vehicle secured, NSW Ambulance paramedics were able to safely access the elderly woman inside the vehicle and conduct an initial assessment. With no loss of consciousness or serious injury evident, a NSW Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter tasked from Bankstown to land at nearby Porter Reserve was called off, which was fortunate for the children’s football practice underway at the time.

Children at football practice

With the assistance of firefighters and police officers, paramedics were able to free the woman from the now secured vehicle by 6.20pm and she was given a full assessment in a waiting NSW Ambulance. She was determined to have completely escaped any physical injury and did not require transport to hospital. She was walked home in the company of family.

NSW Ambulance assessing a patient

For the duration of the incident, the narrow road was largely blocked past Hillslope Road. Nearby residents came out of their homes and attempted to assist emergency services’ vehicle access by removing their parked vehicles into available driveways.

Residents returning from work found themselves unable to access their homes while the recovery operation was underway. Most of the emergency services were able to depart the incident scene around 7.00pm, with a small contingent staying until a tow truck was able to recover the vehicle from the steep embankment just after 8.30pm.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate

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