The award-winning Collaroy Tennis Club has completed an energy efficient lighting upgrade.

Collaroy Tennis Club was named the best metropolitan tennis club in NSW last year, receiving $23.5k from the ATP Cup Legacy Fund for an LED lighting upgrade on all six courts.

It has now completed a solar and battery upgrade, installing 33 solar panels on the clubhouse roof and batteries to store excess energy. The system is capable of generating 63kwh per day on average, more than offsetting its average daily use of 51kwh.

Vito Cincinnato

Vito Cincinnato

Collaroy Tennis Club President Vito Cincinnato said the energy efficient system will make a significant difference to running costs and environmental impact.

“The panels have already made a significant difference in the short amount of time they have been there. Not only will they result in substantial annual savings for the club, but as we’ll be using less electricity, the panels will also reduce our daily carbon emissions and our overall carbon footprint, something we’re very keen to embrace,” said Mr Cincinnato.

Collaroy Tennis Club has completed an energy efficient lighting upgrade

The new LED lighting upgrade delivers both energy efficiency and improved playing conditions at night, with improved visibility and uniform lighting. Although more expensive upfront, LED lights are more efficient, last longer, are easier to maintain and use less power.

Club Captain Wil Jauco agreed it was important for the club to reduce its environmental impact.

“We see Collaroy Tennis Club as an integral part of the local community, and one of our key strategic goals is therefore to be environmentally sustainable. The new solar panels and LED lighting will benefit the environment and the community while strategically aligning us with [Northern Beaches] Council’s sustainability vision,” said Mr Jauco.

Collaroy Tennis Club solar panels

The upgrade sees Collaroy Tennis Club become the first member club of Tennis Northern Beaches and the first metropolitan tennis club in NSW to install solar panels on a clubhouse. The full cost of the project is over $100k, with the lighting upgrade partially funded by the ATP Cup Legacy Fund grant and the solar installation supported by the generosity of club sponsor Belle Property.

The upgrade has been completed in time for the celebration of the Collaroy Tennis Club‘s centenary this year.

Images: Collaroy Tennis Club

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