Northern Beaches Council is getting a batch of fresh faces following the final result of the council election.

The final count was conducted from 9.00am Tuesday, 21 December, at the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) Northern Beaches Returning Office at Narabang Way, Belrose. The result is pending any challenge from unsuccessful candidates but with no clear basis for any challenge to succeed, the result is effectively final. The elected candidates for each ward are:

Curl Curl

  1. Sue Heins (Your Northern Beaches Independent Team)
  2. David Walton (Liberal)
  3. Kristyn Glanville (Greens)

Frenchs Forest

  1. Stuart Sprott (Liberal)
  2. Michael Regan (Your Northern Beaches Independent Team)
  3. Jose Menano-Pires (Your Northern Beaches Independent Team)


  1. Georgia Ryburn (Liberal)
  2. Sarah Grattan (Your Northern Beaches Independent Team)
  3. Candy Bingham (Good For Manly)


  1. Ruth Robins (Your Northern Beaches Independent Team)
  2. Bianca Crvelin (Liberal)
  3. Vincent De Luca OAM (Independent)


  1. Rory Amon (Liberal)
  2. Miranda Korzy (Greens)
  3. Michael Gencher (Your Northern Beaches Independent Team)

Michael Regan, whose Your Northern Beaches Independent team (YNBIT) party is likely to form a Council majority, said he was humbled to be re-elected by the community and declared his intention to recontest the Mayor’s position.

Michael Regan

Michael Regan

“I will put myself forward for Mayor to oversee this next two and a half years, which is going to be a particularly important time in Northern Beaches Council history in terms of the planning side of things with the changing LEP.

“It’s good to have a stable and strong Council that’s independent and working with its community and its state and federal representatives. It’s going to be a heck of a 12-24 months, that’s for sure,” said Councillor Regan.

Cr Regan thanked the retiring Councillors and said he was looking forward to working with newly elected Councillors.

“I believe in renewal and I think our team has a great mix of experience and new, fresh blood, different perspectives and different lived experiences. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing, humble group of individuals and diverse individuals just wanting the best for their community.

“I’m sorry for the candidates that didn’t get elected, particularly on our on team, but there’s a good base there for the future now,” said Cr Regan.

Newly elected Greens Councillor’s Kristyn Glanville in Curl Curl and Miranda Korzy in Pittwater become likely powerbrokers in the new Council. Ms Korzy, who has previously stated that she will seek de-amalgamation of Pittwater from the Northern Beaches Council, said she was grateful for the support of the community and would be focused on inappropriate development.

Miranda Korzy

Miranda Korzy

“I’m very honoured that so many people have put their trust in me and The Greens. I think it really shows what the community’s priorities are, there’s a very significant portion of the community who put the environment first, who want to protect our tree canopy, who want to protect low rise villages, who want to see the council deal with sea level rise, and its potential impact on the beaches and the community,” said Cr Korzy.

Cr Kristyn Glanville, a qualified environmental and planning lawyer, said planning controls will be her focus.

Kristyn Glanville

Kristyn Glanville

“I have been working as an environment planning lawyer. I’m currently doing a PhD in environmental regulation. I have written textbook chapters on the biodiversity legislation. I’m hoping to use all of that.

“I think we need a coherent LEP that covers the whole of the beaches. Other councils like City of Sydney have some really interesting and innovative new types of provisions that they have exhibited. My reading of what has been put out about the LEP to date is that it’s just going to be business as usual, but in one place. I think that’s a bit of a lost opportunity, because there are lots of good things that the LEP could do.

“More than just having enthusiasm, which most Greens Councillors have for this kind of topic, I like to have a very practical orientation to what I’m doing. My career has not just been advising environmental groups, but all different sorts of clients from construction companies, Aboriginal Land Councils, a couple of developers, all sorts of Councils I’ve advised. My hope is to have a very grounded kind of approach to what works,” said Cr Glanville.

New Manly ward Councillor Georgia Ryburn said she was very pleased with the result and is looking forward to taking up her new role.

Georgia Ryburn

Georgia Ryburn

“The result is an excellent endorsement from our community. I feel privileged and excited to be a new and energised voice on Council. I am looking forward to serving and representing our community,” said Cr Ryburn.

One long-serving Councillor who was waiting on today’s distribution of preferences is Vincent De Luca OAM, who ultimately defeated Greens candidate Ethan Hrnjak by 835 votes.

Vincent De Luca

Vincent De Luca

“Today, the NSW Electoral Commission has declared that I have been re-elected as the representative for Narrabeen. This is a great honour and privilege. I thank the community, for again placing your trust and confidence in me.

“I first stood for election as an idealistic young 21-year-old in 1999, because I was determined to serve the community’s interests, put your welfare first, protect our environment and lifestyle, stop overdevelopment, and make a difference in youth suicide, domestic violence, drug and alcohol prevention. All these decades later, I am still committed and passionate to continue.

“I am now the only Independent Councillor who is not a member of a political party on Council. I will continue to hold to account the parties for the community on how your rates are spent and to ensure transparent decision-making and expose it when it’s not,” said Cr De Luca in a statement.

Image: Northern Beaches Advocate

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