Is the Northern Beaches at risk of losing its remaining tree canopy?

The benefits of trees in suburban areas is well-documented, from helping to regulate temperature, to providing habitat for animals and improving the air we breathe. With growing concern over climate change, trees also help us sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

However, there is evidence we are losing more trees than we are planting, even on the leafy Northern Beaches. Homeowners have taken advantage of relaxed rules in recent years to remove trees from around their homes, reducing the tree canopy areas like Pittwater are renowned for.

In a recent episode of Radio Northern Beaches show and podcast, The Coast, host Wendy Frew talks to Deb Collins, the person behind Canopy Keepers, a group formed to protect Pittwater’s tree scape.

Wendy also speaks to botanist Greg Moore about the role trees play in providing prime real estate for nesting birds.

The Coast is broadcast on Fridays at 11.00am on Radio Northern Beaches (88.7/90.3FM) or listen at any time on-demand.

Image: Northern Beaches Advocate

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