Northern Beaches local government candidates were forced to endure a four and a half hour wait yesterday for the ballot draw for the elections to be held on Saturday, 04 December.

The ballot draw was scheduled to occur at 10.00am (Thursday, 04 November) with candidates from all council wards and local media assembling at the NSW Electoral Commission (NSWEC) Northern Beaches Returning Office at Narabang Way, Belrose.

In a somewhat prophetic statement, Councillor David Walton said, “I hope this runs to time, I have an appointment at 11.00am.”

It became clear however that all was not running to schedule with the NSWEC Returning Officer announcing that there was a delay affecting all local government ballot draws.

Mayor Michael Regan was forced to follow Cr Walton and depart for an appointment around 1.00pm but as the delay stretched on with repeated apologies from friendly NSWEC staff, Cr Walton was able to return as the draw finally occurred around 2.00pm.

Ballot draws for each Northern Beaches Local Government ward are as follows:

Curl Curl

Group A (Labor): Brandt Clifford, Abby Harris and Brandon Perret-Hale
Group B (YNBIT): Sue Heins, Louise Hislop and Ben Grozier
Group C (Greens): Kristyn Glanville, Jane Easton and Judy Lambert
Group D: (Liberal): David Walton, Lee Furlong and Vicky McGahey


Group A (Liberal): Stuart Sprott, David Lovell and Marcus Middleton
Group B (Ind): Chris Sharpe, Monica Clonda, Tricia Sharpe
Group C (YNBIT): Michael Regan, Jose Menano-Pires and Sarah Baker
Group D (Greens): Christopher Burns, Susan Denham and Felicity Davis


Group A (Liberal): Georgia Ryburn, Bill Calcraft and Isabella Anderson
Group B (YNBIT): Sarah Grattan, Chris Jackson and Piper Harrison
Group C (Good for Manly): Candy Bingham, Scott Porter and Sonia Walsh
Group D (Ind): John Kelly, James Brodie and Maryann Novakovic
Group E (Labor): Sam Pigram, Carolyn Howells and Michael Sochner
Group F (Greens): Pamela Dawes, Cathy Griffin and Terrence Le Roux


Group A (YNBIT): Ruth Robbins, Matt Adderton and Sean Moran
Group B (Greens): Ethan Hrnjak, Joanna Burnett and Amanda Mooy
Group C (Labor): Paula Goodman, Jared Turkington and Galileo West
Group D (Liberal): Bianca Crvelin, Jonathon Flegg and Sarah Halnan
Group E (Ind): Vincent De Luca, Robert Giltinan and Tammy Cook
Ungrouped: (Ind) Gregory Marr and (Ind) Richard Harris


Group A (Greens): Miranda Korzy, India Turner and Pru Wawn
Group B (YNBIT): Michael Gencher, Sarah Turnbull and Ian White
Group C (Liberal): Roderick (Rory) Amon, Karina Page and Philip Longley
Group D (Ind): Alex McTaggart, Colleen Uren and Robert Hopton
Ungrouped: (Ind) James Ricketson

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate

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