Woolworths has confirmed the Avalon Beach store is a full supermarket and has not been changed into a Metro store.

Concerns were raised yesterday (Thursday, 21 October) on the social media website Nextdoor by Bilgola resident Kelly Bernard who said she went to shop for specials after receiving an email from Woolworths.

“The prices were different to the specials marked in my email so I enquired at the service desk before heading to the cashier. I was told that the Woolworths specials don’t apply at Avalon anymore as it has changed into a Woolies Metro and the prices are different,” wrote Ms Bernard.

Speaking to the Northern Beaches Advocate, Ms Bernard said that the service desk staff were adamant the store did not have to honour catalogue specials as it was now a Metro store. She was also able to produce a photograph of her sales docket which shows a ‘Metro’ label and clearly identifies the docket as coming from the ‘Avalon’ store.

“In the email, my dishwashing tabs were $15 cheaper than they usually are, they were half price. I went down there and did a big shop of all the things I usually need.

“None of the prices were the same. I asked one of the staff and he said it had been happening a lot lately. I thought it wouldn’t matter because they are obliged to honour it.

“Before I checked out, I went to the customer service desk and asked them to honour the prices they had sent me. They said ‘No, we are different to Woolworths, we are a Metro’. They then told me if I had a problem to take it up with Woolworths.

“I went to the checkout and saw they charged me the price that they’ve got on the shelf card. The docket I have says Metro on it, that’s the only sign at all that the store was a Metro, after I paid,” said Ms Bernard.

Ms Bernard’s confusion was shared by other local customers, none of whom had heard about the apparent change in status of the Avalon Beach store. They are not alone however, as it now seems it may be store staff who are confused.

A spokesperson for Woolworths insisted to the Northern Beaches Advocate that no change has been made to the Avalon Beach store. The spokesperson said it remains a full supermarket store and has not been changed to a Metro store.

“Our Avalon store continues to operate in the same way it has for many years. The specials in our catalogue remain available to customers at Avalon,” said the Woolworths spokesperson.

The spokesperson went on to say that they understood the importance of the Avalon store to the local community and were actually planning to invest in a refurbishment.

“We’re looking into plans for a refurbishment at some stage next year. We’ll communicate with our customers in advance of any works taking place,” said the spokesperson.

The Northern Beaches Advocate has passed along the docket shared by Ms Bernard, which will be investigated further by Woolworths. The spokesperson reiterated the store has not been changed to a Woolworths Metro.

Image: Northern Beaches Advocate

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