UPDATED: Northern Beaches Hospital has confirmed a man in his 30s has been admitted to intensive care and a COVID-19 positive family member walked into the emergency department on Saturday night.

On Saturday evening (07 August) a COVID-19 positive man in his 30s was admitted to Northern Beaches Hospital. He had been transferred by NSW Ambulance from his home at Belrose.

The man’s condition had deteriorated at home, requiring hospitalisation. Upon arrival, he was treated in the emergency department in a negative pressure room by staff in full personal protective equipment (PPE).

The man was intubated and transferred to a negative pressure room in the intensive care unit. A spokesperson for Northern Beaches Hospital said all emergency department staff wear appropriate PPE at all times while in clinical areas.

The Hospital confirmed a close family member who is also COVID-19 positive, later presented at the emergency department waiting area. According to National Nine News, that person was the man’s mother.

The spokesperson for Northern Beaches Hospital said the COVID-19 positive person was in the waiting area for approximately five minutes and once staff became aware of the risk, they were immediately taken to an isolation area.

Around ten people were in the waiting area at the time of the incident according to the spokesperson and all have been contacted by the Northern Sydney Local Health District’s Public Health Unit.

“Northern Beaches Hospital’s priority is to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patients. Service NSW QR code check-ins are mandatory for all people entering all entrances to the hospital. Screeners also ask a list of questions to determine COVID-19 risks. Visitors are restricted unless in exceptional circumstances,” said the spokesperson.

Northern Beaches Hospital CEO Andrew Newton tonight released a statement asking people to be very careful when presenting to hospital if they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Andrew Newton

Andrew Newton

“If you do need to come to NBH I cannot ask you with a strong enough voice – please cooperate with our screeners and please be truthful with them. If you have been to a hotspot, or are a close contact, it’s OK to tell them. They’ll direct you to the most appropriate place for advice.

“We cannot run the risk allowing a potentially COVID positive person into the hospital. This can be somewhat heartbreaking at times, especially when people have loved ones as patients, some of who are particularly unwell.

“We are following strict protocols to prevent transmission while balancing patient-centred and dignified care for those in hospital. It’s hard for you. It’s hard for my colleagues. But it’s a necessity as we work through these uncertain times together.

“I’d like to really promote a culture of support, and not one of blame. When loved ones are sick it’s natural to want to be with them. We understand that and will do whatever we can in these situations to support you. But we do need to know if you’re a close contact; have been to a hotspot; or are positive yourself.

“That way we can ensure the necessary precautions are taken to protect you, our patients, my colleagues, and our Northern Beaches community,” said Mr Newton.

Image: NSW Government

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