In the latest episode of Radio Northern Beaches show and podcast, The Coast, host Wendy Frew looks at how the Ingleside Place Strategy continues to split community opinion.

New housing developments are nearly always controversial and the State Government’s latest plan for 980 new dwellings in Ingleside is no different.

Under the Ingleside Place Strategy, development will only take place south of Mona Vale Road, leaving some Ingleside land owners north of the arterial road unhappy that after decades of government promises, they still cannot subdivide their properties.

Meanwhile, residents in Elanora Heights are upset the proposed increase in Ingleside’s population of about 3,000 will worsen congestion on Powderworks Road, increase commuting times, and put pressure on other infrastructure, including the local primary school.

There are fears too that roads leading away from the bushfire-prone area will be dangerously choked when fires next hit the area.

Wendy interviews Ingleside and Elanora Heights resident associations about why they are upset about the plan, with some recounting the horror of the 1994 bushfires that swept through the area. She also talks to Northern Beaches Mayor Michael Regan who says Ingleside should be ‘left alone’, and new housing built in those parts of the Local Government Area better serviced by public transport and other infrastructure.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is seeking public feedback on the Ingleside Place Strategy by 23 July. For more information and to make a submission, visit the Department of Planning website.

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Image: Northern Beaches Advocate