Currawong Beach will receive a further $1.5m to complete restoration works.

Currawong Beach, which was acquired from Unions NSW in 2011 and declared a State Park in 2015, recently received $148k to restore one of the historic workers cottages at the site. The new funding will see all heritage listed accommodation cabins upgraded.

Member for Pittwater and Minister for Planning and Public Spaces Rob Stokes said an additional $1.5m has been allocated under the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Stimulus Program, which aims to generate jobs through the upgrading of public facilities.

It is understood that Currawong Beach has been a pet project of Mr Stokes and since the current Government came to power, he has sought to ensure the site was fully restored after it was purchased from Unions NSW.

Shane Withington

Shane Withington

Friends of Currawong spokesperson Shane Withington recently told the Northern Beaches Advocate, “Rob Stokes has always been a big fighter for Currawong. Right from the very beginning he was always on our side and invaluable during the fight for it.”

In response to the new funding allocation, Mr Withington expressed delight at Currawong receiving sufficient funding to complete the restoration works.

“It’s very good news indeed. The Friends of Currawong are delighted. It means we’ll be able to do all the buildings. 25 years after we began the fight and 10 years after we won the fight, the Friends of Currawong and everyone who supported them can now complete everything they said they would do.

“You don’t often get to say we will win this for the public. Those fights don’t ever get won. These wins are very rare. We said we were going to do it 25 years ago, 10 years ago we won it and now we will be able to achieve everything we set out to do. It’s a very rare occasion in heritage salvation,” said Mr Withington.

Minister Stokes said the latest allocation raised the NSW Government’s total funding for Currawong’s restoration to more than $4.4m.

Rob Stokes

Rob Stokes

“Currawong has been a holiday haven for families since the 1950s because of its pristine and tranquil natural environment. This multimillion dollar upgrade will ensure Currawong continues to remain a popular destination for many years to come.

“Currawong has a special place in our community’s history and it’s really important it’s shared and enjoyed by everyone. After 10 years’ struggle since first purchased into public ownership, the vision to completely restore Currawong will finally be realised,” said Minister Stokes.

Restoration works at Currawong began in 2014, progressively undertaken in partnership with Northern Beaches Council, Friends of Currawong, Pittwater Environmental Foundation, Currawong State Park Advisory Committee and the NSW Government.

The latest funding will allow the remaining four cabins to receive new bathrooms, extended timber decks, upgraded kitchens, new roofs and guttering, and the installation of energy efficient lighting and water

Northern Beaches Council Mayor Michael Regan welcomed the news.

Michael Regan

Michael Regan

“Currawong is a hidden gem, it is a special piece of paradise that the community and visitors treasure. This extra funding will help provide a more comfortable space for guests to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of this magnificent part of the Northern Beaches,” said Mayor Regan.

Completing the restoration works will be managed by Council, with calls for tenders later this year. Work is expected to commence early next year and be completed around December 2022.

Images: Michael Mannington OAM, Rob Stokes MP
Video: Northern Beaches Council