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COVID vaccinations are available at locations across the Northern Beaches for the AstraZeneca vaccine, but the Pfizer vaccine is more complicated. The simplest way to check eligibility and book an appointment is to use the Vaccine Clinic Finder on the Australian Government Health Direct website.

There are currently two types of vaccine available, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine. Based on health advice applicable from Thursday, 17 June, the Pfizer vaccine is being recommended for people under 60 and the AstraZeneca vaccine is recommended for people 60 and older.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is being produced in Australia by CSL (the former Commonwealth Serum Laboratory), is in plentiful supply and can be obtained via most General Practitioners (GPs) as it can be stored under relatively normal vaccine storage conditions.

The Pfizer vaccine requires storage at very low temperature and is therefore available at fewer locations than the AstraZeneca vaccine. Both vaccines are reported to be highly effective at preventing complications and death from COVID-19 but may not fully prevent the transmission of COVID-19 itself, making it important for as many people as possible to be vaccinated.

For those 60 and older, it is recommended to contact your GP and book an appointment for an AstraZeneca vaccination. For Pfizer vaccinations, it may be necessary to obtain the vaccine from a vaccination hub which meets the storage requirements.

The Pfizer vaccine is not currently available on the Northern Beaches, although NSW Health are operating a vaccination hub at Mona Vale Hospital which is currently administering AstraZeneca.

The nearest vaccination clinics for the Pfizer vaccine are:

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