The recent death of a Northern Beaches man following a shark attack on an unnetted mid-north coast beach comes amid a debate over the effectiveness of shark nets on the Northern Beaches.

Northern Beaches Council voted in April to request the NSW Government remove shark nets and replace them with a combination of modern shark mitigation strategies that improve swimmer safety and reduce the risk of other marine life being killed in the nets.

It remains to be seen if the NSW Government will agree to the proposal, which is supported by a number of other councils on Sydney’s beaches. Scientific research shows both that the risk of being attacked by a shark is exceptionally low and that very few sharks are caught in the nets.

In the latest episode of Radio Northern Beaches show and podcast, The Coast, host Wendy Frew takes a look at the case for removing the shark nets and deploying other shark mitigation measures, such as drones.

Surf Life Saving NSW says aerial observation drones have become an important part of the toolkit for beach safety, including shark monitoring. A program for shark detection was announced last July using drones and artificial intelligence technology.

The episode (player above) hears from Deputy Mayor Bingham and several marine experts who have researched the options.

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Image: NSW Government