Car website have opened a store at Warringah Mall.

In an innovative twist, the automotive website has moved offline to create a ‘clicks and mortar’ experience centre for people to experience and compare cars, including test drives.

CarExpert was founded in 2018 by the team who sold to Nine Entertainment Group for over $60m. Armed with that cash injection, they appear keen to try new ways of connecting people to the vehicle buying experience.

CarExpert has 960sq.m of retail floor space at Warringah Mall, plus a section of the car park in the valet section. The company refers to the store as an ‘experience centre’ which will have up to 40 new cars from different auto makers. The initial focus will be on top-selling segments. People will also be able to look at electric vehicles.

CarExpert say the experience centre does not have salespeople or sell cars directly. CarExpert make money through a brokerage system with the vehicle manufacturers, being paid when people read the reviews on their website, or in the case of the store experience the vehicles.

CarExpert Co-Founder, Alborz Fallah said that with decades of automotive experience and independent market research, the team is confident the concept of a brand-agnostic vehicle test centre will resonate with car buyers looking for independent advice without pressure from salespeople.

Although cars will not be sold at the experience centre, people who express a desire to purchase a vehicle can be connected with local dealers in a concierge style service. Mr Fallah says there is no commission payable to CarExpert for this, as their relationship is with the vehicle manufacturers.

Alborz Fallah

Alborz Fallah

“We are genuinely excited to be working with Westfield to provide people with an enjoyable way to discover and test drive new cars. As an independent car research and advisory service, we sit between buyers, manufacturers and sellers of new cars.

“We’re currently working with 26 very enthusiastic manufacturers and a variety of local dealer principals who see the value in making the new car decision-making process more enjoyable and convenient. Everybody wins.

“Manufacturers do a great job of creating excitement for their cars, but it’s only when there is a balance between excitement and confidence that people buy them. That’s the sole reason why CarExpert exists, to provide car buyers with the information, advice and experiences they can trust to help them make confident buying decisions.

“While we don’t mind which car you buy, we do care deeply that you buy the car that’s right for you. Combining our already well-established digital auto content business with a physical showroom and agnostic test centre, gives car buyers everything they need to confidently and comfortably research their next new car,” said Mr Fallah.

Mr Fallah said they will be closely measuring the impact of the first CarExpert experience centre at Warringah Mall to inform the broader rollout, over the next five years.

Images: CarExpert