Just before 4.00pm today (Saturday, 06 March) emergency services were called to the Bare Creek Bike Park at Belrose.

Inspector David Morris

David Morris

Upon arrival, NSW Ambulance paramedics found a 15-year-old boy had fallen 3-4m off a jump, landing on his head. Although the boy was wearing safety gear, including a helmet, he lost consciousness for a short time after the accident. The boy was treated at the scene for multiple abrasions and suspected leg and head injuries.

“The patient appeared to have fallen 3-4m off his bike and landed on his head while attempting a jump. Paramedic crews did an amazing job stabilising and safely extricating the patient from a difficult location. The teenager was taking all safety precautions wearing a helmet and protective gear at the time of the accident,” said NSW Ambulance Inspector David Morris.

Five NSW Ambulance crews, including a Special Operations Team and two Inspectors, and the Toll NSW Ambulance Rescue Helicopter, were called to the incident. NSW Police, Fire and Rescue NSW, and NSW Rural Fire Service crews from Belrose also assisted at the scene.

After being assessed and stabilised, the boy was airlifted to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead in a stable condition at around 5.00pm.

Images: NSW Ambulance