Pet owners are being warned that fox baiting is underway on the Northern Beaches.

Until 03 March, Northern Beaches Council is undertaking a fox control program in conjunction with NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service, Local Land Services and other northern Sydney councils.

The aim of the program is to protect native wildlife and allow recovery of native animal populations. Foxes have previously been blamed for attacks on the Little Penguin colonies at Manly.

Depleting fox numbers will also protect domestic animals from injury or death, mange, ticks and other diseases spread by foxes. There has been a steady increase of fox sightings across the Northern Beaches from owners of domestic animals, particularly chickens, reporting attacks from foxes.

Fox baits are being placed at Manly Dam, Middle Creek Reserve at Oxford Falls, Allenby Park at Allambie Heights and Forestville Park at Forestville. Residents in the surrounding areas have been letterboxed by the Northern Beaches Council Invasive Species Team.

The baits which contain 1080 poison (sodium monofluoroacetate) are specifically designed for fox control and are buried to minimise the risk of poisoning non-target species. However, domestic pet owners are warned that 1080 poison is lethal to cats and dogs and they should avoid the reserves until 01 April.

Northern Beaches Council have signage on display in the baited reserves to notify the public, specifically ‘Poison Baits Containing 1080’ and ‘Dogs Prohibited’ signs.

Fox sightings should be reported to Northern Beaches Council. More information is available at Council’s website.

Image: Envato