The NSW Government budget has committed an additional $13.1m for the Wakehurst Parkway.

The funding adds to $5m allocated to Northern Beaches Council in 2017, bringing the total commitment to $18.1m.

A comprehensive flood and ecological study was commissioned by Northern Beaches Council from the original funding. The final outcomes and recommendations were recently presented to the NSW Government.

It is understood the report presented a range of options, the most comprehensive of which required the additional funding delivered in today’s budget.

Northern Beaches Council is responsible for managing the Narrabeen Lagoon catchment surrounding Wakehurst Parkway and has partnered with the NSW Government to help address the road’s historic flood challenges and significantly reduce the frequency of flood events.

Rob Stokes MP

Rob Stokes

Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes said the funding announcement was an important step in addressing the challenges associated with Wakehurst Parkway and is another example of the NSW Government working collaboratively with Northern Beaches Council to progress major projects.

“This is fantastic news for our community and will enable work to proceed on this essential project.

“Northern Beaches Council has done an outstanding job developing a comprehensive strategy for this unique road corridor which previously divided the former Pittwater and Warringah Council areas,” said Mr Stokes.

A source said Northern Beaches Council’s productive approach over Wakehurst Parkway represented a substantial shift from the squabbling over responsibility between the former Warringah and Pittwater Councils. They added that the work Council had done was ‘exceptionally good’ and made a substantial difference to getting the additional funding.

Brad Hazzard

Brad Hazzard

Member for Wakehurst Brad Hazzard said the Wakehurst Parkway corridor contains unique bushland and ecological communities which required detailed consideration as part of the project design.

“The Parkway contains magnificent natural bushland and nobody wants this to be impacted more than is necessary.

“Securing this funding means we’ll now be able to progress essential flood improvements, whilst also limiting environmental impacts along the corridor,” said Mr Hazzard.

Jonathan O’Dea

Jonathan O’Dea

Member for Davidson Jonathan O’Dea said the funding will support multifaceted flood mitigation at the three key locations susceptible to flooding along the corridor — with works including new under road culverts and drainage, creek realignment, sediment removal and new levees.

“Road closures are a huge inconvenience for motorists so it’s great the NSW Government is addressing the underlying issues along the corridor.

“There’s been plenty of commentary about the Parkway — but lots of work has been occurring behind the scenes to develop a detailed plan and we now have the necessary funds to make it happen,” said Mr O’Dea.

Image: Northern Beaches Advocate