Council is responding to resident complaints of overflowing rubbish bins and toilet queues at beaches with ‘flying squads’ to manage public sanitation.

Although broadly well-behaved, crowds at local beaches over the October long weekend were heavy, resulting in crowded car parks, busy toilets and overflowing bins in some locations.

A NSW Health COVID-19 alert at Palm Beach also highlighted the issues with the Northern Beaches being a popular destination for people across Sydney over the summer.

Northern Beaches Council has announced the first adjustment to its Summer Safety Plan with the beefing up of rubbish and toilet cleaning services.

Ray Brownlee

Ray Brownlee

“During the recent Labour Day long weekend alone we managed an increase of over 62 percent more garbage at beaches and public places, compared to the same holiday weekend in 2019,” said Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee.

“We were prepared for the hike so distributed 44 more bins at hotspots and scheduled 10 extra cleaning staff to shift an unprecedented 39 tonnes of garbage.

“Going forward, we will continue these extra teams so people can enjoy the warmer months outdoors without the nuisance of backed-up litter spoiling our beaches and leisure spots,” he said.

Bins will be emptied two to three times per day depending on location, crowds and weather. Extra cleaning staff will be rostered from early morning until 8.00pm on peak days.

People who wish to notify council about overflowing bins can report issues on 1300 434 434 at any time.

Image: Envato