Northern Beaches motorists are being warned to exercise caution on the roads this long weekend.

Police and transport management authorities are reminding people of double demerits in force over the long weekend (02 October — 05 October) and to expect heavy traffic conditions.

Whether staying local or travelling elsewhere in the state, Northern Beaches motorists should allow for extra travel time. With good weather expected over the weekend, more people are expected to use their vehicles for recreational activity.

In particular, for those planning trips outside of Sydney, the Transport Management Centre has warned of expected delays heading out of the city in all directions.

Karen Webb

Asst Comm Karen Webb

NSW Police have warned they will be out in force, targeting all traffic offences. Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Karen Webb, warned motorists of the weekend blitz.

“We are really trying to drive home the message to obey the speed limit, have a Plan B, don’t drive while fatigued and put away any distractions,” said Assistant Commissioner Webb.

“Our officers take no pleasure in stopping dangerous road users and issuing fines; however, we will take the appropriate action to ensure everyone reaches their destination safely and legally.”

With the start of boating season, Marine Area Commander, Acting Superintendent Todd Cunningham, said police would also be out in force on the waterways.

Todd Cunningham

Supt Todd Cunningham

“Our officers will be proactively patrolling harbours, lakes, rivers, dams and offshore to ensure people using the water are complying with the rules,” said Supt Cunningham.

“Our messages are the same as our Traffic and Highway Patrol counterparts — don’t speed, don’t drive a boat under the influence of drugs and alcohol — but we also stress people to always wear life jackets out on the water because they really do save lives.”

Northern Beaches Federal MP Jason Falinski has also asked motorists to be extra careful on the roads.

Jason Falinski

Jason Falinski

“While we want all Australians to be able to take a break and enjoy their holidays, it’s important we do it safely by ensuring we drive considerately on our roads,” said Mr Falinski.

“It is particularly important to take responsibility for ourselves and our passengers, which includes driving to the conditions, planning ahead and minimising distractions in the car.

“All motorists need to pay attention to road signage and speed limits and keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Mr Falinski also said the federal government is spending $8m on tackling driver fatigue by upgrading rest sites staffed by volunteers, some of which will be open these school holidays, subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Image: NSW Police