An aged care home in Mona Vale has come up with an innovative way for residents to identify staff wearing masks.

Staff at Catholic Healthcare’s George Mockler House have pinned a photo of their faces to the front of their uniforms so residents are able to recognise them more easily when wearing their face masks around the residential aged care home.

In response to COVID-19, staff were required to wear masks while caring for residents. One of the senior staff suggested the photo idea, having seen it successfully adopted by a doctor in New York.

Lindal Jeffreys, Residential Manager of George Mockler House, said that face masks hindered communication with residents.

“The staff cannot communicate as well with the residents when wearing their masks.

“Facial expressions and cues are important parts of how we communicate, our faces convey emotions and make social interactions easier.

“The photos are a great idea. They bring some humour, create fun and connection, break down the ‘barrier’, are visual and innovative.

“The residents also appreciate our beautiful smiling faces,” added Ms Jeffreys.

All George Mockler House staff have embraced the idea.

Image: Supplied, Catholic Healthcare.