Northern Beaches Council has completed the installation of speed humps along McCarrs Creek Road in response to resident complaints it was being used as a racetrack.

The original plan to implement five temporary speed bumps was significantly upgraded after further discussions with local residents.

Instead, nineteen permanent speed humps have been implemented, adopting a 100mm flat top design after Sydney Buses and cycling groups raised concerns at the original speed bump designs proposed.

According to Council, the new design will have the same traffic calming effect as the original design. The location of each speed hump was determined by a site assessment by Council’s Transport Network team, taking into account road layout and street lighting.

The nineteen new speed humps comprehensively cover the stretch of McCarrs Creek Road from the Cargo Wharf at Church Point to the National Park boundary. Some are placed quite close together (main image).

Local residents walking a dog on the street told the Northern Beaches Advocate they were very happy with the quantity and impact of the new speed humps. They said the road had been used as a racetrack and was very dangerous without the traffic calming measures.

This sentiment was echoed by Ken Wallace, President of the Bayview Church Point Residents Association.

“Apart from a couple of people who want to get home quickly, this has a lot of support from residents.

“This has been a long time in the making, and it was good that instead of going through the temporary speed bumps, we went straight to the longer term solution of nineteen,” said Mr Wallace.

Mayor Michael Regan agreed, adding,  “It has been a long process, but I’m pleased we have been able to support the call from residents to stop this area being used as a racetrack.

“We’ve balanced the needs of residents and cyclists and come up with a solution that will make this area much safer for all who use it.”

Image: Northern Beaches Advocate

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