Large surf has battered the Northern Beaches, with the area eroded in the 2016 storms at Collaroy once again hit by large swells.

Beach erosion has significantly affected the area from Narrabeen to Collaroy as the video and images taken by the Northern Beaches Advocate around 3.00pm today shows.

Homes appear to remain protected but the seawall has been exposed and stairways onto the beach are significantly eroded and impacted by waves. Damage assessments will need to wait until the low passes but for this afternoon’s high tide homes appear to have escaped direct damage.

On Friday, Council made a statement about what has been happening to protect the properties at Collaroy since the infamous 2016 storms.

Council said it, “has been working hard to change policies and remove some of the red tape that stood in the way of private property owners being able to build a wall to protect their own properties.”

Council claims there have been many complex issues with the main sticking point, “that a sea wall has the potential to damage not just the public beach it sits on or next to, but also to push the problem down the beach, causing the same issue for other residents or other public assets.”

Council says since 2017 a new coastal management system has been implemented which allows residents to conduct property protection works with a Development Application (DA) approval.

Along the Collaroy strip, 24 properties have approved DAs; four are under assessment and 21 are yet to make a submission to Council. Councils says the four DAs being assessed will be resolved ‘within weeks’. Council has urged those who have not yet submitted a DA to do so as soon as possible.

Since June 2019, affected property owners have been able to apply for a grant that provides residents with funding for up to 20 percent of the value of the works, 10 percent provided by Council and another 10 percent by the NSW Government.

Images: Northern Beaches Advocate and Michael Mannington

Video: Northern Beaches Advocate