Manly Art Gallery & Museum (MAG&M) continues its 90th anniversary celebrations with a second major exhibition called Portraits Project.

The Portraits Project exhibition will run from 7 August until 18 October 2020. It consists of three exhibitions which focus on the portrait works of local artists, photographic portraitures of the artists at work, and a special portrait exhibition in conjunction with MAG&M’s museum.

Mayor Michael Regan said the first exhibition Treasures from the Vault, and the second exhibition Portraits Project, showcase the depth and breadth of artistic talent on the Northern Beaches.

“It is amazing what we have on our doorstep and MAG&M is committed to nurturing this creative spirit and creating a space which allows everyone to enjoy local art and learning about local artists.”

Senior curator Katherine Roberts said Portraits Project takes a close look at the works of local artists and of the artists themselves through the prism of the portrait.

“Our first 90th anniversary exhibition Treasures from the Vault celebrated the artworks in the collection, this exhibition the Portraits Project places the artists at the centre of our celebrations.

“Across the gallery spaces, you will see images of twenty-two artists in their studios and outdoor work spaces in a series of portraits by renowned Australian photographer Greg Weight.

“It provides an invaluable snapshot of key artists living and working in the region right now in 2020. We are excited to announce this series of photographic portraits will enter the Gallery’s permanent collection.

“In the large gallery space, there will be fifteen self-portrait paintings and drawings by acclaimed Sydney artists working in this genre. Many of them are living and working amongst us on the Northern Beaches while other artists have been invited to re-connect with the Gallery in celebration of our 90th year.

“Overall, it draws attention to the self-portrait as a powerful tool for artists to reflect upon themselves in the world. It also allows the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the artist’s world, which leads to a more enlightened appreciation of their work,” Ms Roberts said.

The third display is a creation of portraits of ‘the beach’ in a special museum exhibition. Six figurative artworks from MAG&M’s visual art collection will be interspersed among MAG&M’s museum objects to create a portrait of ‘the beach’. Collection artworks are by Ethel Carrick Fox, Guan Wei, Bruce Goold, Percy Spence, Bill Leak and Anne Zahalka.

To compliment the exhibition, the public can also attend two events being hosted by MAG&M with the artists featured in the Portraits Project on Sunday, 16 August and Sunday, 23 August. Visit the Talks and Events page at the MAG&M website for event details and ticket bookings.

Images: Manly Art Gallery & Museum