Capacity on the public transport network will increase today and commuters are being reminded to continue physical distancing.

Andrew Constance

Andrew Constance

Minister for Transport Andrew Constance said, while NSW is in a position to allow more customers back on to the network, important safety measures are still in place.

“Everyone has done a really great job so far, and this is about continuing to keep all of us safe. We still need customers to leave a space or an empty seat between themselves and others.” Mr Constance said.

“More green dots have been rolled out to show people the safest places to sit and stand. Remember no green dot, no spot.”

“My message to everyone is if you feel unwell please don’t get on public transport. If you have a sniffle or a cough stay home and get tested.”

Mr Constance said commuters will still need to consider all their travel options before making their journey.

“If people can work from home or travel outside peak hours we need them to keep doing that. For those who live close to their workplace we really encourage them to walk or cycle instead.”

“We’ll also continue to have hundreds of extra staff and thousands of temporary services to support customers as they return to the public transport network.”

“Our enhanced cleaning regime will continue, with more than 1100 extra cleaners now out in force across the network working around the clock to help keep customers COVID safe.” Mr Constance said.

This follows on from the recent NSW government announcement of discounted off-peak fares, designed to encourage commuters to delay travel from peak times.

Image: Northern Beaches Advocate