Northern Beaches businesses are being warned to beef up their internet security.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Defence Minister Linda Reynolds have announced that the government “is currently aware of, and responding to, a sustained targeting of Australian governments and companies by a sophisticated state-based actor.”

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), has issued a security advisory.  The ACSC is a division of the secretive Australian Signals Directorate within the Department of Defence.

The attack has been detected and prevented in government systems, but concerns are held for the preparedness of private companies and individuals.

Northern Beaches businesses are urged to take immediate steps, including:

  • Ensure the latest security updates are installed on all internet connected devices
  • Use random and unique passwords for all internet services (a tool such as Lastpass)
  • Implement two-factor authentication on all services where available (check the security menu)

Image credit: Envato