McCarrs Creek Road will get new speed bumps between Church Point and the National Park this month.

Northern Beaches Council and NSW Transport are responding to resident concerns of vehicles travelling at high speed and that resurfacing had ‘turned the road into a racetrack.’

Council investigations recommended speed bumps to reduce dangerous driving in the area.

Mayor Michael Regan informed a meeting with the Bayview & Church Point Residents Association in April (2020) that five bolt-down temporary speed bumps would be installed for 6–12 months to determine the most effective placement.

A speed survey will also be conducted on the road using fixed devices to monitor hot spots. Police have advised that the majority of people caught speeding on the road are locals.

A majority of McCarrs Creek Road residents who responded to a survey wanted some form of traffic calming measures for the road.

Mayor Michael Regan said, “The local community, quite rightly, have said no to those using this stretch of the road as their personal speedway. I worked with local State MP Rob Stokes, NSW Police and members of the Bayview Church Point Residents Association to make the installation of these speed humps happen.”

Image: Envato